One Way Mirrored Film

In this instance a well lit area is easily visible from a darkened surveillance area - but not the other way round.

Security Film

Glazed areas are the weakest point of a building, therefore vulnerable to terrorists, burglars, vandals and storm damage. Optically clear, super tough security film, creates an invisible barrier, which holds glass firmly in place following impact. Effectively protecting and guarding property and contents whilst also deterring unwanted visitors.

Privacy Film

An opaque film applied to windows allows light to pass through whilst giving total privacy to those within.

Fire Safety Film

A specialist glass coating that when applied to clear wired glass achieves 67 minutes integrity and 50 minutes insulation, also tested on standard 6mm glass achieving 60 minutes integrity and 30 minutes insulation. This film also offers the advantage of protection against glass fragmentation in the event of impact damage to the glass or explosion etc plus extra insulation to the building. almost 98% of harmful UV rays are absorbed by the armoured film.