Solar Control Film

This reduces heat by up to 80% and filters glare by up to 85% in places of work and at home whilst allowing light to pass through. It will even out the temperature highs and lows to achieve more comfortable conditions, whilst also creating dramatic savings in air-conditioning costs.

Regulation 14 Film

The workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) regulations 1992 - which became mandatory on January 1st 1996 - have demanded that, in some areas, normal glass is either replaced with safety glass or is enhanced with film to meet the requirements. The latter option is the one chosen by most organisations, as this minimises both the mess, the disruption and the cost. Installing this specialist Safety and Security film is Sunbusters most requested service.

Fade Reduction Film

This specialist range of films filters out practically all of the suns harmful ultra-violet light, protecting furnishings, shop displays and works of art from fading, whilst still allowing light to pass through unhindered. Supplied virtually clear, or in a range of tints and colours to blend, compliment or enhance your surroundings.